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Roy Stuart Glimpse 1 (1990)


Watch Roy Stuart Glimpse 1 (1990) Art Porn Movie

Summary: Roy Stuart Glimpse 1 (1990)

The women are very real, right down to their abundant bushes, wet red pussies and lovely natural breasts, without being the tired housewives we’ve come to associate with American all-natural sex tapes. The women on this tape are truly beautiful, many European fashion models, often quite young, and yet they’re engaging in acts usually reserved for the coarsest old pros. The golden nectar flows freely, but our young beauties also masturbate to orgasm-real orgasm-which you will never see in an American tape, and fuck with genuine passion. Amy, the 1.55 cm fashion model, does a compelling turn with a vibrator in which you can see her pussy rhythmically contracting, spilling out juice, as she cums.


Actors: Amy / Anna / Megan

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