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Pola X explicit sex scenes (1999)


Watch Pola X explicit sex scenes (1999)

Summary: Pola X explicit sex scenes (1999)

It is the depiction of a successful young man, a writer of novels, whose interest is pricked for something different, and has the grand illusion to seek out the truth, hence he’s ready to believe whatever the mysterious woman is telling him. Such is the melodrama of him leaving his riches and comfortable life to tackle the change of living environment and be in the company of the poor and homeless, turning to cult community group living. The sparseness of things and possessions alters his frame of reference, and he throws himself open to this ‘stranger’ of a woman from a different world, the kind of tenderness he has not experienced before with his sister (portrayed by Catherine Deneuve) or his young and innocent rich fiancee Lucie. There are intimate sensual scenes captured for mature audiences only.

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