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Japanese wife next door (2004) with english subtitles


watch Japanese wife next door full movie (2004) with english subtitles


Japanese wife next door (2004):

An office worker (Takashi Ichinose played by Naohiro Hirakawa) has the dream life. He meets two beautiful ladies at a party, both of whom seem interested in him. He ends up leaving with Sakura (played by buxom Reiko Yamaguchi). One wild night of passion followed by six months and they find themselves married and living with Takashi’s family (father, grandfather, sister) in the same apartment.

The ideal situation soon takes a turn for the worse as Sakura’s nymphomaniac sex drive coupled with the paper thin walls of Japanese housing, and the eventual inability of newly wed husband Takashi to keep up with his wife leads to tension, drama, and of course, lots of sex in the household. All of the in-laws get in on the act. Takashi eventually runs into the lady he left behind at the party and they have a sensual fling. But he goes back to his fate, looking for a divorce. In the final scene, his family practically gang rapes him as he is forced to ‘enjoy’ his family’s newfound lust for life.

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