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En La Cama Sex scenes movie (2005) – Blanca Lewin


Watch En La Cama Sex scenes movie (2005) – Blanca Lewin


The story is about the two getting closer and closer, until their relationship turns from total strangers to uncomfortably close, for a one night affair. And that’s another interesting thing about this one. I bet everyone of you has memories of sitting through a movie with a larger audience, coming across an unexpected, kinkier scene, which makes all of you feel embarrassed. Well, this movie doesn’t screw around, that’s for sure, and maybe because you know what to expect, and because of this film is well written and executed, you’ll never once feel that cringe. As a matter of fact, the dialog parts may be much more tense, and uncomfortable. Why? Because a one night affair is not about talking. One might bump into things he or she doesn’t want to get involved, or let the other get involved in.

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