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All Ladies do it explicit sex scenes – Claudia koll


Watch All Ladies do it explicit sex scenes compilation – Claudia koll


Italian erotic film from the director of Caligula tells the story of Diana (Claudia Koll), a woman happily married to her husband (Paolo Lanza) for five years. Even though she loves him more than anything that doesn’t take away her sexual desires for other men. The husband can’t stand not being the only one but perhaps after time he’ll learn that “all ladies do it”.

once again, brass uses all his trademarks… mirror shots, overheads of black and white corridors, seduction in the toilet, urination, plenty of derriere, and laughable philosophy… normally i would smile and accept his vision of an impossibly ripe world, but this movie somehow disappoints, even with low expectations… some crisp and bold colors though tinto brasscould make a fortune filming washing powder ads…

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